"JOSE ITURROSPE S.A.I.C. was founded in 1950 in Rosario (Argentina) and belongs entirely to the founding family. With over 2,000 hydraulic machines built over half a century of innovative design, we have become our country´s largest manufacturer of hydraulic presses, press brakes and shears.

Our line of presses includes designs for the most varied industrial applications. Stamping presses, deep drawing presses, punching presses, straightening presses, embossing presses, forging presses, plate blending and flanging presses, briquetting presses, brake lining presses and grinding wheel presses, automatic presses for rubber parts, presses for the wood industry, etc." (from the Iturrospe website)
Below are download links for brochures for each type of machine. Please contact us for more information.